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About Savvik Buying Group

We’re here to provide supplies and equipment for our members, at the industry’s best prices. 

Our Beginnings

The Savvik Buying Group, formally known as the North Central EMS Corporation, is a non-profit organization formed to reduce the financial impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 within the EMS industry. Our mission is to provide members with a mechanism to achieve cost reductions, which has evolved into a group-purchasing program. Savvik values quality supplies and equipment for the members, at the industry’s best prices.

The phrase “at the industry’s best prices” plays an even more important role today than in previous years as the Medicare Fee Schedule took effect on April 1, 2002. Ambulance services across the country have seen a drastic reduction in their Medicare reimbursements which accounts for up to 75% of their revenue. This drastic reduction in revenue decreases their capital budgets and curbs their purchases if not determine their entire existence.

Where We're Going

Membership is comprised of ambulance services, fire departments, first responder groups, police/sheriff departments, industrial emergency response teams, and other organizations related to the EMS industry. Savvik is proud to focus on membership nationwide. Our intent is to offer the Electronic Patient Care Reporting and Data Collection contract to all Savvik members regardless of their physical location.

An amazing result of our success was the formation of The Savvik Foundation in 2000. Savvik invests back into the industry! A portion of our excess revenues are returned to regional, state and national EMS associations as well as being donated to The Savvik Foundation so that it can complete its mission of leading industry efforts in such areas as safety, efficient operations, education, research and national consensus building.

We’re dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of the public safety industry as a whole. Our effectiveness increases with commitments from our vendor partners to provide Savvik members with quality products and services at the industry’s best prices.

Savvik has enjoyed significant growth over the last few years by developing partnerships (including revenue sharing relationships) with regional, state and national EMS associations. Savvik has fifty-nine group affiliates that include membership to the Savvik Buying Group as part of their group dues structure. The associations that participate in our group membership program receive quarterly reports and payments from our office. Payments reflect a portion of the contract management fee of the total sales their members purchased from our vendors.

Our Mission:  To provide a mechanism to achieve cost reductions for members. Support the industry by giving back. 

Our Values:  Savvik values quality supplies and equipment for the members, at the industry’s best prices.

Our Goals:  Volume discounts through group purchasing. Influence health care/EMS legislation issues as they impact the Corporation.

We're Growing!


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Meet our Team

Mickey Schulte

Executive Director

Mickey joined Savvik in 2014 bringing his 20 years of co-op purchasing experience with him. At Savvik, he negotiates contracts with some of the industry’s largest vendors. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his two children and his wife, Jennifer. 

Cindy Barron

Office Manager,
Vendor Relations Specialist

Cindy has been with Savvik since its inception in 1997. Since then she has managed everything under the Savvik sun and brings us 25+ years of experience of providing business management to non‐profits. 

Julie Fontaine

Marketing and Membership Specialist

Julie joined Savvik after developing and launching a new market for small businesses. An accomplished business owner herself, she is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, a graduate of the University of St. Thomas, and an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys boating and snowmobiling.

Shianne Stietz

Membership Service and Support Specialist

Shianne comes to Savvik with a long record of leadership and customer service excellence. Shianne spends her time off hours with her dog, Ellie, as well as reading, crafting, and participating in outdoor powersports with her family.

Christina Brand

Project Manager,
Marketing and IT Technician

Christina joined Savvik with a colorful resume. A former first responder herself, Christina also excelled in freelance marketing, IT, and project coordination before finding a home at Savvik. She’s an avid reader, video game enthusiast, and a mother to the coolest toddler around.

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