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Creating building blocks towards a better future is inherent in the public safety realm. Determination, persistence and resilience are a select few of unique, must-have attributes in making an impact in the industry. Breaking boundaries through research, changing the landscape of policies and upholding the high standards to saving lives would diminish without these qualities. One can only persevere in a forward motion to reach new avenues of success, like an ambulance rushing to save a life in the race of time of providing outstanding service to each patient. Scott A. Moore, Esq., Owner of Moore EMS Consulting LLC, provides his expert advice and innovative service in the delicate realm of human resources, revenue cycle management and employment law solutions to EMS providers around the county while committing his time as a board member of The Savvik Foundation Board. His inherent ability to strive for outstanding service has shaped his clients to providing optimal care for nearly 30 years in the emergency medical services.

His persistence in a successful career path was not always as timely. At a younger age, Moore dropped out of college with a 1.4 GPA and pursued a path as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Though some may see this as a setback, it was the ultimate step forward in figuring out his true calling in emergency medical services. The strong-willed man worked from field EMS and dispatch, moved to supervisory management and was able to single-handedly run operations in ambulance services. Moore was able to return to academia in order to earn his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Salem State College and his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School. His profound ability to adapt to many roles has led to his transferable achievements throughout each seized opportunity.

Moore’s unconventional timeliness for his achievements led him to hold various executive positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Operations. Currently, Moore is a licensed attorney whose principal client is the American Ambulance Association (AAA), which is the trade association representing EMS agencies in the U.S. His role as a Human Resources & Operational Consultant to the AAA allows him to give expert advice of legal standpoints, employer/employee accountability and new regulations across each states for EMS employers. Moore practices law with other EMS and home health agencies as well as holding certifications as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Society for Human Resources Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO). In addition, Moore is a member of the American Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Northeast Human Resource Association.

Moore says, “There is a 33% turnover rate in the industry. We need a back-to-the-basics care for each other in the industry while pulling the passion out of the challenging work EMS professionals do every day, because we need the best response when someone calls 911.” Strained resources, poor staffing and difficult working conditions with the overworked time can cause the passion to shrivel, but finding simplistic ways to regroup in order to innovate will create the best care for each emergency call. Moore says, “Professions in the public safety realm are performing inherently meaningful work, but the industry needs to find new avenues of public service announcements in order to keep dedicated people in the industry.” Grueling work can dominate the image of public safety efforts, but changing the narrative can remind us of the pure passion and meaning that leaders will be able to channel their performance through.

In his role as a member of The Savvik Foundation Board, Moore finds himself changing the narrative in the involvement of providing scholarships, EMS research, and funds for innovation in the public safety sector. Savvik Buying Group helps to fund its mission in improving the standards of public safety through proceeds made off the profitable money-saving perks of the collective buying group. As members save money, money goes to the foundation in order to improve the standards in EMS. The simple yet innovative approach helps leverage the benefits of EMS professionals across the industry.

Moore’s career of persistence inherently paves the passion forward in the public safety industry while he constantly reaches professional achievements. In addition, Moore maintains his EMT and still actively works as a call-firefighter/EMT in his hometown. Never straying away from his roots, his full-circle career allows him to make an extraordinary impact to others. Without persistence, success and innovation would never flourish.

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