COVIBLOCK - Covid 19 igG/igM test - 20 tests per case --- EUA #201039


Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA  # 201039

CLIA Waived! – FDA Authorized for point of use!


  • even higher specificity
  • even higher sensitivity
  • separate wells for sample and buffer solution
  • clearer instructions
  • standard, easy to use pipettes for sample transfer

Sensitivity 93.3%

Specificity 98.8%

95% Overall Accuracy

Use Whole Blood, Plasma or Serum

Fast & Easy  Positive results as fast as 10 minutes) No Age Restriction
Room Temperature Storage

Product Code: CD-COV19 (20/bx) Contents: 20 Individually Pouched Test Cassettes. 1 Buffer Vial. 20 Disposable Plastic Capillaries. 1 Package Insert.

Clarity COVIBLOCK COVID19 IgG-IgM Antibody Test Package Insert 05152020

EUA201039.Acknowledgment Letter for Salofa Finland



No returns on Covid-19 related items


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