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FirstResponder® Sterilizer, 110V

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Triatomic oxygen generator and scrubber for first responder vehicle and room sterilization.


The FirstResponder Sterilizer* is a unique and innovative sterilization system.  This portable sterilizer from Genlantis generates high-levels of Triatomic Oxygen (TO) to clean and sterilize first responder vehicles.  The unit will eliminate surface and airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, spores and viruses, and eliminate odors as well.  The FirstResponder Sterilizer is designed to allow maximum placement flexibility and usage. The TO produced by the Genlantis FirstResponder Sterilizer readily gives up its single oxygen atom, which combines with other molecules and neutralizes them via a powerful and natural oxidative process.  Best of all, the FirstResponder Sterilizer contains a scrubbing feature, which converts TO back to oxygen at the end of a sterilization cycle, hence removing TO gas from the environment rapidly and efficiently.

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 20.62 × 16.87 × 8.12 in


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