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Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  How can I see your group pricing?

After successful login to our website, the up-to-date vendor information and your special pricing will be present on the vendor page you select.

2.)  How do I make sure that when I am order something like an ambulance that I get your special bid price?

When ordering from our vendors, please be sure to mention that you are a current member of Savvik Buying Group and want Savvik pricing.  Remember that the Savvik doesn’t place the orders for you; please order your products and services directly through our vendors.

3.)  What if I don’t know my member number or login information?

If you need your login and/or member account number, having any difficulties with placing orders, vendors, or need any additional assistance, please contact our Marketing and Membership Specialist, Julie at 1-888-603-4426 or send her an email.

4.)  My service must put out a bid before we purchase anything, are all of your distributor and vendor programs competitively bid?

Nearly all of our large program are competitively bid, many have the bid information you can see after logging into our website and clicking on the selected vendor.  If you are unsure contact us at 1-888-603-4426.  We have done the work for you in the bid process!

5.)  As a member do I have to use all of your programs?

NO!  You are free to pick and choose the programs that work for you.  We are here to assist in saving you money, not dictating how you must do business.

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