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How Savvik Can Help You

Need to do a bid, but don’t have the time or people power? We can help. 

Who We Serve

Savvik serves the entire public safety sector: EMS, fire departments and fire rescue, law enforcement. Additionally, hospitals, clinics, schools and other related agencies with products and services.

Save Time & Money

Savvik has already put in hundreds of hours into each competitively bid process and selected vendors and programs that you can trust. We do this for you at no charge. With all of the work already being done, all you have to do is select what you need and when you need it.

Group Power Buys – We leverage the buying power of our entire group to get the best deals we can on core products to help drive deeper discounts to our members. Buy just what you need and save by pooling your purchases with your peers nationwide. All of this at no additional cost to you.

Savvik also gives back a portion of our proceeds back to the public safety industry to support programs and initiative that keep all of us strong. By supporting Savvik with your purchases you are also helping the industry thrive!

Unmatched Value

Savvik has outstanding contracts with reputable vendors. These contracts will help save your agency valuable resources, but that is not all. Savvik will also provide you with service after the sale. We pride ourselves on customer service both before and after all Savvik purchases. We will help you with any discrepancies in billing, equipment failure, vendor relations, finding products, and much more. Savvik is a one-stop buying group that meets all your needs. We want to provide you with the right products – the right services – at the right price!

The chances are you know someone who has achieved significant cost savings as a member of Savvik. We’d like to add you to our growing list of members with success stories.

Revenue Sharing

A portion of our proceeds is returned back to our State and National Association partners every quarter. We share our proceed with our 57 plus partners based on purchase volume on the program they were purchased under. Just for buying the products you need at our discounted costs, you are helping your organization grow stronger! Help us support you! If you don’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will try to set up a buying program for it. When we work together everyone wins!

Investing in Our Industry

An amazing result of our success was the formation of the Savvik Foundation in 2000. Savvik invests in the industry! Savvik’s excess revenues are returned to regional, state and national Public Safety associations as well as being donated to organizations like the Savvik Foundation through grants so that they can complete the mission of leading industry efforts in such areas as safety, efficient operations, education, research and national consensus building. We have also been at the forefront in building the guidelines for community paramedicine.

Savvik and the Savvik Foundation are dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of the Public Safety industry as a whole. Our effectiveness increases with the commitment from our vendor partners to provide Savvik members with quality products and services at the industry’s best prices.

Competitive Bid Process

Savvik contracts for many of our Public Safety supplies and services through a competitive bidding or quotation process, ensuring the best pricing on quality products and services. Savvik competitive bidding procedures ensure full and fair competition, and, therefore, relieve our members—even many of our public members—of the obligation to conduct their own competitive bidding process.

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