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As software and learning templates improve over time, OutreachU soars to new heights in the medical aviation clouds. Richard M. Obertots, CEO of ThinkThroughTools, LLC, develops and implements business strategies for public safety professionals. OutreachU informs people on how to earn and stimulate more flight requests by utilizing human and digital outreach. Obertots has 39 years of healthcare experience, but OutreachU has been in operation for 19 years, and continues to expand in its innovation.

ThinkThroughTools LLC has been in partnership with aviation responders in medical emergencies, and its goal is simple according to Obertots: “It is the process of two way hands-on human and digital engagement with customers and community to implement the organization’s marketing strategy.” OutreachU wants to implement its templates and strategies in maximizing its client flight requests through proper and efficient outreach. In April 2019, The Book of Outreach; Principles and Practices to Achieve Astonishing Outreach Results will be available on Amazon. The book combines applied science and artistry providing Outreachers with the most impactful principles and templates to help their organizations create a system for effective outreach.

The process of outreach is a continuous learning experience. An organization has to adapt and engage with communities in a way that brings them reliable revenue and a flow of business in a world of constant competition. OutreachU provides an enlightenment of strategies that allows medical flight programs to develop a solidified relationship with agencies to utilize their businesses as a first call to action among other competitors. OutreachU helps to engage, educate and help public safety professionals understand each of its clients in the Wild Wild West of each market. Though OutreachU primarily focuses on medical flight aviation, it applies to EMS and fire rescue as well.

Obertots says, “Millions of people utilize outreach, but there are no books or certifications in our community of outreach composed of those operating in Public Safety and Critical Emergency Services. OutreachU aspires to be the center of the outreach universe that will gravitate from air medical to other opportunities. Above all, Digital Outreach is the future.”

OutreachU enables Public Safety organizations to become highly interoperable with the entire eco-system of their community. As the world continues to transform in technological advancements, so does the public safety sector. OutreachU offers the tactical resource to understand and astonish the right customers consistently. The customers being – the citizens and organizations that ultimately fund all operations – often through their tax dollars or healthcare insurance premiums.

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