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MED Mag Triage

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Take the chaos out of a Mass Casualty Incident with the Med Mag Triage Kit.


Now a compact and easy way to triage patients and organize a Casualty Collection Point (CCP). This kit is the same footprint as the other kits in our Med Mag series, the same as a standard AR-15 magazine, so it fits in existing pouches or low profile/low cube stocking in kit. Starting out, the back of the label card has both a patient count tracker and a START triage flow chart. Make life easy and consistent by using the flow chart for each patient. Using the 5 triage cards, you can start to keep track of the patient’s injuries and interventions from other providers. The START triage cards are compliant with many states that require those cards to be used. START triage cards can quickly and easily display the patient’s color, and fit into a plastic sleeve that can attach to a patient’s wrist. Now it’s time to organize a CCP. Using the 5 Nite-Ize Mini LED Glowsticks, you can drop a blue light by the door/entrance to your CCP, then set the Green/Orange/Red lights around the CCP to mark patient areas. A final white light can designate your equipment cache. The waterproof, battery powered LED glowsticks run for 60 hours with an on/off switch to conserve battery life if needed. Each glowstick has a #0 plastic S-biner to allow it to be clipped to something if needed.

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