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Orange EV Charging Outlet – Level 1

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Smart Electric Vehicle Charging outlet designed track energy consumption

● Lower charging power is intended for longer charging sessions and reduced

install cost and complexity

● EV Driver unlocks a specific Outlet via the Orange App and pays for only the energy

they consume.

● Orange facilitates automatic billing & reimbursement every month between

drivers and property owners

● Weatherproof enclosure configurations available to meet demands of outdoor install locations

● 120 volt and 240V Outlet options meet most people’s daily driving needs.


Orange Outlet is an Internet-of-Things connected energy monitoring outlet designed to pair with Orange’s

Software Suite. The software manages user access and the amount of energy consumed. The user unlocks

the outlet through our app and is billed every month, Orange then reimburses the outlet owner for the

electricity used.

Orange Outlet Datasheet V1.2


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