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PillPack MM

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The PillPack MedMag is our solution to rapidly accessible, over-the-counter medication.


The PillPack MedMag is our solution to rapidly accessible, over-the-counter medication. The PillPack fits the standard size of all of our MedMags. This kit has a unique side zipper so that you don’t have to dump everything out to access what you need. The PillPack comes in a heavy-duty 10-millimeter thick waterproof zipper bag and is perfect for almost any situation. Keep one in your first aid kit, your vehicle, and the kitchen. You never know when you may need it. Features Compact and easy-to-access 10-millimeter thick waterproof zipper bag Common over-the-counter medication, perfect for almost every situation. Individual bags for each component to keep everything separated and easy to find. Never leave the house without the proper over-the-counter medication you or someone else may need in case of a minor emergency. Our PillPack MedMag is the perfect solution for those that want access to common over-the-counter medication without the hassle of carrying multiple medication bottles with them at all times. Our MedMag makes it easy to store all the medication you need in a simple-to-use pouch that can fit just about anywhere. Specs 4 packets of acetaminophen 4 packets of Ibuprofen 4 packets of diphenhydramine 4 packets of loperamide 3 packets of bismuth subsalicylate 3 packets of multi-system cold relief medication 2 packets of burn cream 4 packets of triple antibiotic cream 4 packets of hydrocortisone cream 4 standard sized band aids 2 pipettes of eye drops *** Domestic sales only. This product will not be sold internationally. ***

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