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Effective Communication is Key in Saving Lives

  Spreading helpful information in the public safety realm is just as important as saving lives. Communication and awareness are key in staying up-to-date with new laws, regulations and innovations in technology, whether a professional is in law enforcement, fire & rescue, corrections, EMS or local government. In addition to getting a story or piece […]

Savvik Says Safety First in Sleep Measures

The hours of work completed in a day in the EMS industry can be long with seemingly endless shifts that can last up to 24 hours or more. Irregular sleeping patterns and sleep deprivation are common issues public safety professionals face on a day-to-day basis. With the help of Dr. Daniel Patterson, Associate Professor for […]

5.11 Boot Winners Prevail in Love

Recent 5.11 Tactical boot winners Charles and Heather have a story unlike anyone else. The realm of EMS can be harsh in dealing with the unforeseen circumstances and brutal realities of saving lives. Charles and Heather’s strong bond with each other help to advocate for mental health awareness in the field while having a love […]

Part II: Saving Your Life from the Modern Diet

The work performed in saving lives is the utmost reward in the public safety sector. Unfortunately, it does come at a personal cost. Irregular hours and over time work can consume a public safety professional’s life and ultimately take a toll on the mental and physical performance while on duty. Consuming on-the-go meals for a […]

#SavvikSays Give Them The Boot!

Say Goodbye to Your Old Pair, #GiveThemTheBoot, and Have a Chance to Win a Pair of Brand New 5.11 Boots.                  Are you in desperate need of resuscitation for your feet? Bring your feet back to life by winning a pair of 5.11 boots. In celebration of its continued partnership with Savvik Buying Group, […]

Moore is More in a Career of Persistence

Creating building blocks towards a better future is inherent in the public safety realm. Determination, persistence and resilience are a select few of unique, must-have attributes in making an impact in the industry. Breaking boundaries through research, changing the landscape of policies and upholding the high standards to saving lives would diminish without these qualities. […]

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