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In Honor of EMS Week, Savvik is Looking for the “Perfect Pair” (EMS crew). We have 10 pairs of 5.11 Boots to Give Away 

Do you and your ‘medic mate’ finish each other sentences or eat each other’s food? Are you onthe level of a Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca, nachos and cheese, cookies and milk? If you answered yes to any of these, could you and your ambulance partner be Savvik’s“Perfect Pair?” To celebrate and commemorate EMS life, post a pic of you and your […]

Avocation vs. Vocation

Knox T. Walk’s, current Director of Emergency Preparedness for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) first call almost led him to falling out of a moving ambulance when he first started his journey to saving and educating lives in 1977. The eager, young man started as a volunteer member of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s […]

New Beginnings

Some opportunities are a special gift and honor, whether it is saving a patient’s life or advancing one’s involvement in an organization with a great mission. Brian LaCroix, President of National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) has begun his journey of a two-year term in his role as president for the organization dedicated to supporting and educating leaders […]

#SavvikSays Spotlight: Welcome to Premier Specialty Vehicles

Savvik Buying Group values its commitment to providing the best companies for its members in the public safety realm ranging from fire, ambulance to EMS rescue companies. Premier Specialty Vehicles (PSV) helps Savvik members find reliable, well-built ambulances with a mid-range budget to fit your medical needs.  PSV is the upper Midwest dealership for Horton […]

“Collaborative Work Makes The Dream Work”

Individual expertise in a public safety professional’s field helps to make great strides for positive, upward advancement in new technology and policies, but working together for the greater, common good is a must-have force in the public safety industry. Without the helping hands of each other in working out common issues, the fabrication of the […]

OutreachU to New Heights

As software and learning templates improve over time, OutreachU soars to new heights in the medical aviation clouds. Richard M. Obertots, CEO of ThinkThroughTools, LLC, develops and implements business strategies for public safety professionals. OutreachU informs people on how to earn and stimulate more flight requests by utilizing human and digital outreach. Obertots has 39 […]

#SavvikSays Spotlight: Welcome to MedSource International

medsource international logo savvik buying group

Savvik Buying Group keeps an open dialogue and continued success with our vendors by building bridges in the public safety sector in order to deliver the best buying options. As first responders, cost should never be a worry. Be sure to save on products and services while saving lives. Many key manufacturers have reached out […]

The Patterns and Tips in Cultural Inclusion

Frew’s ability to see patterns in different aspects of a social environment has helps her serve organizations and communities more effectively build community resilience. Using the community’s unique cultural patterns to communicate protects its first responders and helps the public safety sector to serve the diversity of its individuals in a more effective, respectful and […]

The Key(words) In Saving Your Public Safety Business

We’ve heard of defibrillators, fixed wing programs, and community resilience, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing? Public safety industry professionals use various tools to get the job done and serve their communities, but this tool can be helpful in growing a business in the police, fire and EMS realm. How can businesses in the public […]

If You Get Knocked Down, You Have to Get Back Up

When addressing the needs of a community during emergency disasters, all angles need to be analyzed from federal, state and impacted organizations in order to build total resilience. In times of destruction and despair, what is it going to take to keep your community standing? Suzanne Frew, President and Founder of the California Bay Area’s […]

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